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Touched by Duse ©

Something happens when you are
touched by Duse...

The hybrid documentary feature film, Touched by Duse began as a serendipitous meeting between two friends; Brooklyn based auteur/producer, Tyler A. Chase and Canadian actress, Jennifer Dale. The two set out to make a film with an idea and a prayer. Touched by Duse journeys into the magical world of renowned actors and artists who are devoted to and consider the legendary Italian actress, Eleonora Duse (1859-1924), as their personal totem.  The through line of the movie is intrinsically woven around an elderly actor, Martin Waldron, who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Martin is the last person alive to have been in the presence of the great actress. His mysterious mansion, Casa Duse, houses rare artifacts that belonged to her.  He had a cenotaph dedicated to her in a Brooklyn cemetery which leads us to speculate as to what created this bond.

It will end in Italy where Duse lived, with enactments reflective of what molded her and her legendary achievements and with a promise that must be fulfilled by the Filmmaker


Since its inception some of the people who have participated are: Academy Award and Tony winner - Ellen Burstyn, Oscar and Tony Award nominated actress, - Elizabeth Ashley,  "Hollywood coach" - Susan Batson, legendary Meisner expert/teacher - William Esper, Tony Award winner - Marian Seldes, actor - Paul Sorvino, Emmy Award winner and Golden Globe/Emmy nominated - Richard Thomas, actress - Ann Jackson, actor,director - Austin Pendleton, ACTRA and GEMINI Award nominated - Jennifer Dale, Duse biographer - Helen Sheehy, actress and daughter of Geraldine Page - Angelica Page and the list goes on.  The music for our film is composed and performed by Cody Geil.

Touched by Duse is in development with a rough cut. We are seeking distribution and financing for the completion of this work.


Eleonora Duse, a late nineteenth, early twentieth century Italian actress was the most acclaimed actress of all time,  She is deemed the mother of modern acting for her pioneering naturalistic work in a time when actors posed and postured.  She inspired Stanislavski to create The Method and was admired and loved by people like George Bernard Shaw, Anton Chekov, Henrik Ibsen and James Joyce. Her influence spanned all nations in multiple art forms and is perpetuated by the many legendary artists and individuals who consider her their personal totem and inspiration.




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