Screening at the National Arts Club


The National Arts Club screened the documentary,

Touched by Duse on a special evening dedicated to

Eleonora Duse. 

The Q&A Panel included Paul Sorvino, Mario Fratti,William Esper, Ronald Rand. Marian Seldes attended as well and the place was packed.

Please turn off the music in order to watch the video.  The button is above left.  Video of screening of our rough final cut at the Players is forthcoming.  See Photos below

Will Patton with Tyler A Chase-3
Actor, Will Patton congratulated us on our film.
Angelica Page and Tyler A Chase-2
The Players Club gave us a reception prior to the screening.
Angelica Page Speaks
Angelica donated a recording of her mother, Geraldine Page talking about Duse
Mario Fratti, Tyler and Lisette
Playwright, Mario Fratti has been a long time supporter of our efforts. Here he is with Producer, Lisette Cevallos and Director, Tyler A. Chase
The Panel - Touched by Duse
Angelica Page, Susan Batson, Tyler A Chase and Lisette Cevallos. The center chair was for William Esper who was too ill to attend.
Tyler A. Chase and Lisette Cevallos
Auteur, Tyler A. Chase answers questions. Producer, Lisette Cevallos looks on
Angelica Page and Susan Batson
Coach to many great actors, Susan Batson speaks.
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The Players Club Private Screening
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