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Actress, Elizabeth Ashley
Jennifer Snowdon - Makeup     Artist
Academy award actress,Ellen Burstyn
Actor, Paul Sorvino
Susan Batson
Carl ford and Susan Batson
Actor/professor, Martin Waldron
Helen Sheehy - Author
Auteur, Tyler A. Chase and Jennifer
Actor/director, Austin Pendleton
Angelica Page
Ronald Rand
Anne Jackson
Basia Zaidan
Producer, Lisette Cevallos
Antonio Dallamano
Composer/musician, Cody Geil
Basia Zaidan
Jennifer Dale in Toronto
Jennifer Dale - Italy
Mario Fratti
Stella Adler Students
The late actress, Marian Seldes
Actor/professor William Esper
Musician/composer, Cody Geil
Martin Waldron
Jennifer Dale and Helen Sheehy
Ellen Burstyn with Tyler & Jennifer

The People



Touched by Duse has come this far with the help of people who participated:

Director/DP/Producer - Tyler A. Chase

Collaborator/Associate Producer - Jennifer Dale

Producer - Lisette Cevallos

Support the Completion of this Work by Giving through

Our Fiscal Sponsor, Fractured Atlas

Many thanks and deep appreciation for:

Mr. Martin Waldron, Actor and Professor who contributes to this project with his patience and priceless Duse artifacts. His magical involvement with Duse is the backbone of our film and will continue to be with the final evolution. 

Helen Sheehy - Consultant/Biographer of Eleonora Duse

-Basia Zaidan, Antonio Dallamano - Asolo location scouting

Jennifer Snowdon - Makeup/hair (for Ellen Burstyn) 

Mitch Ely - Makeup/hair for Elizabeth Ashley

Karama Browne - second editor/first cut, 

Sharyn Grossman of the National Arts Club,

Shana Farr of The Players Club,  William Esper and his students,

Caroline Lieberman - for her private fundraiser screening of our film

this past October 20th, 2017

And the people who are in the movie:

- Academy Award winner - Ellen Burstyn, Elizabeth Ashley, William Esper,  Paul Sorvino,  Marian Seldes,

Angelica Page,  Mario Fratti,  Ronald Rand,  Helen Sheehy,

Susan Batson,  Carl Ford,  Krista Bridges,  Richard Thomas, Austin Pendleton,  Anne Jackson, 

Rita Fredricks Salzman

 and Canadian Actress and Collaborator, Jennifer Dale

A huge thank you to:

Composer/Musician: Cody Geil

Our Angels - Donators

Marya Coburn

Deborah Masters

Socorro Acosta

Veronica Blanco

Maureen and Gerard Walsh

Toni M. Martin

Lisette Cevallos

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