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Footage from Touched by Duse was screened in separate evolutions at:

The Dante Alighieri Society in Cambridge,

William Esper Acting Studio,

Kanbar Instititute of Film & Television at NYU Tish School of the Arts 

The National Arts Club

and just recently at legendary Players Club in New York City.


"Art like love, is insatiable - Eleonora Duse

How do you make a movie about a nineteenth century Italian woman who was born into abject poverty and yet turned an art form on its head only to be recognized all over the world as the greatest actress of all time? Making a movie about Eleonora Duse is humbling.  

This film is done in layers, like a painting  following its own path... in homage to her. 


Even at it's onset, footage from Touched by Duse was screened (before it was even officially in production) the Dante Alighieri Society in Cambridge. Later on, it screened for exclusive soirees, like at the National Arts Club and for William Esper Studio as well as for a master film class at New York University. Footage was also shown at the legendary Players Club in New York City. The more we delved into her life, the more people come forward and so each ending is a new beginning. We are slated for completion as soon as we complete three weeks of filming in Italy.

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